KaiYen Mai, Founder and CEO


KaiYen Mai was born into a family passionate about the delicate art of creating traditional Asian jerky by cultivating unique flavors with a soft and tender texture. Mai’s family honed their craft and developed successful family recipes that have been passed on for generations.


Faced with sub-par flavors and textures of protein-rich bars while scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mai realized the opportunity in the market for Fusion Jerky. The idea for an all-natural, high-protein, low-sodium delicious tasting gourmet jerky made without gluten, preservatives or nitrites was born.


To ensure the products are of its highest quality, Fusion Jerky is vertically integrated with its own manufacturing plant Fusion Ranch. Mai built her very own state-of-the-art USDA facility in Nebraska in 2012. Each piece of Fusion Jerky is held to the highest standards of quality and taste.

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